20180706 - add first unofficial badge: Taste the World!

2017-2018 - add stats by countries, by beer-styles

20160719 - fix a security about external link (forum and roadmap)

20160715 - add my little pleasure: own stats by beer styles :)

20160529 - add first own map of locations where you've tasted beers

20160522 - move to sHost.ca: thank you guys ! :D

20160424 - fix design with IE (font,div)

20160330 - fix design with IE

20160325 - fix transparency problem in signatures

201510-201603 - 000webhost closed website, moved to Byet. Still working on countries stats and optimizations

20150926 - added signature Last beer v3 400x60px for CPC forum, still working on countries stats (sorts, collapse...)

20150802 - added distinct beer and beer count group by country on member page

20150729 - added first stat about countries of beers

20150718 - added sorts on some tables

20150705 - created bars, first stats' bars, bar_page and first tools on member_page

20150626 - improve look and feel, using CSS

20150623 - add roadmap, add date joined Untappd on signature Last Beer v2, automatically send a friend request for future updates

20150621 - add a direct entry point to member page by adding ?member=XXXX, i.e ussu.comule.com?member=aggelon

20150617 - changed updating process by asking the friends'activities feed of USSU's friends instead of systematically asking if each member need an update, one by one. Load now reduced by about 30 ! So the limit of 2000 requests/a day of 000webhost is now workarounded

20150611 - one log file per day

20150521 - using USSU API keys instead of aggelon's ones, starting to check friends'activities feed to avoid 'wasted' requests

20150520 - fix an error when managing gravatar

20150519 - optimizations for scalability and Untappd API limits

20150518 - add forum, improve look and feel

20150511 - add multi-language support and english translation, contact us link

20150421 - new signatures Last beer v2 (designed by doniazade) is available

20150419 - truncates last beer name if needed for displaying, modify core-design with recursive to bypass 10secondes/script limit of 000webhost

20150418 - fixed stickers pixelation and pastel, top-left pixel and optimize stickers for reuse

20150417 - various optimizations (local avatar, tests to reduce execution time...),
management of 404 error from Gravatar
starting multilanguage support

20150402 - modify gamma for a better image

20150330 - USSU is open, initial release, first signature 'Last Beer'